Extraordinary exhibition WOMAI

During Festival integration program we had possibility to visit one of the most extraordinary places in Krakow. WOMAI Cracow is place where visitors can feel the world like a blind person. It makes you realize that you can experince the world without sight. Thank you!

Results of 4th edition of Lions Festival

The fourth edition of the Lions Festival is behind us. It was three days full of great music and incredible emotions. Thank you all who were involved in the project!

Congratulations to the winners:

1st Prize - Classic Harmony - Ireland

2nd Prize - Patrycja Baczyńska - Poland

3rd Prize - Már Gunnarsson - Iceland

Audience Award - Már Gunnarsson

Journalists' Award - Már Gunnarsson

During the Gala Final Concert Special Prizes were awarded:

Ankura Gupta - India - Award of the President of the City of Krakow

Olivia Maciejuniec - Poland - Radio Kraków Award

Tatia Mamukashvili - Georgia - Bractwo Kurkowe Award

Daisy Opdebeeck - Belgium - Award of the Marshal of the Małopolska Region  

Reliqvia - Georgia - Special Prize of Lions Festival

Izabela Diana Ihnatiuc - Italy - Award of the Centrum Macierzy Polonii

Anna Wereszczyńska - Poland - ZAIKS Association Award and Polish Association for the Blind Opole Award


Official list of participants of 4th edition of festival! 

We have pleasure to announce official list of vocalists qualified to 4th Lions World Song Festival for the Blind!
In this edition in Krakow we will have opportunity to listen to songs performed by:
Daniel Olugbenga Adediran (Nigeria)
Maria Vittoria Tranquilli (Italy)
Izabela Ihnatiuc (Italy)
Daisy Opdenbeeck (Belgium)
Classic Harmony (Ireland)
Rebecca Kelly (Ireland)
Clair Butler (Ireland)
Dagmar Sykorova (Czech Republic)
Zaal Devadze (Georgia)
Khvicha Simonia (Georgia)
Tatia Mamukashvili (Georgia)
Omar Taki (Marocco)
FaMo (France)
Mar Gunnarsson (Iceland)
Ankur Gupta (India)
Chetna Nagpal (India)
Oksana Chuchunkowa (Russia)
Roberto Alejandro Fontanellaz (Argentina)
Ghana vocal band (Ghana)
Polish repersentatives will be chosen during Polish qualification contest in September.


First results of registration

Dear singers! Dear Lions! We are pleased to announce that with each edition the Festival is becoming more and more diverse! This year we have applications from new countries! Argentina, Ireland, India and Nigeria are with us. We have applications from 4 continents and 13 countries: Argentina, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Georgia, Iceland, India, Ireland, Italy, Morocco, Nigeria, Poland and Russia. Now artistic value of the songs will be evaluated.

Dates of next 4th edition!

We have pleasure to announce dates of next 4th edition of Lions World Song Festival for the Blind!
It is 14th - 16th November 2019.
See you in Krakow!

Festivals rehearsals schedule

Dear Vocalists and Festival's Guests!
We would like to announce program of Festival's rehearsals.
All vocalists will be divide into two groups.
At 2.11 first group will perform during rehearsals and elimination concert and ,at the same time, second group will have touristic program.
At 3.11 second group will perform during rehearsals and elimination concert and first group will have touristic program.

Rehearsal 2nd November, 9:00 a.m.:
Isabel Baltus & Max den Enting
Przemysław Cackowski
Zaal Devadze
Ewa Domańska
Carlo Giardino
Francesco Gravina
Fabrice Morandeau
Marco Olivieri
Francisco Rodriguez
Elisabetta Russo
Grazvydas Sidiniauskas
Omar Taki
Tamar Tsalkalamanidze & Giorgi Basilashvili
Rivolino Wijngaarde

Rehearsal 3rd November, 9:00 a.m.:
Adom Perfect Local Vocal Band (Azuma Aguure, Ruth Aguure, Grace Maku Atteh, George Kyeremateng, Talata Gladys Waadi)
Szilvia Agardi
Diana Elena Cazan
Samantha De Rosa
Federica & Roberta Di Franco
Lidia Di Giorgio
Mar Gunnarsson
Ivan Jelenčič
Abdou Jallow
Youssri Mejdoubi
Oliwia Serafin
Irene Verzeletti
Szymon Wasiłowicz

 Lions Day with United Nations in Geneva 2017

Szilvia Agardi winner of 2nd Lions World Song Festival for the Blind was a special guest at the Lions Day with the United Nations in Geneva.

List of participants qualified to 3rd edition published!

We are pleased to announce list of participants of 3rd Lions World Song Festival for the Blind „Sounds from the Heart”!
Congratulations to all vocalists 😍

List of participants (in alphabetic order):

🎵Azuma Aguure, Ruth Aguure, Grace Maku Atteh, George Kyeremateng, Talata Gladys Waadi/Ghana
Baltus Isabel & Max den Enting / Nedherlands
🎵Cackowski Przemysław / Poland
🎵Cazan Diana Elena / Romania
🎵De Rosa Samantha / Italy
🎵Devadze Zaal / Georgia
🎵Di Franco Federica & Roberta / Italy
🎵Di Giorgio Lidia / Italy
🎵Domańska Ewa / Poland
🎵Giardino Carlo / Italy
🎵Gravina Francesco / Italy
🎵Gunnarsson Mar / Iceland
🎵Ihantiuc Izabela Diana / Italy
🎵Jallow Abdou Aziz / Gambia
🎵Jelenčič Ivan / Czech Republic
🎵Mejdoubi Youssri Haddasi/Belgia
🎵Morandeau Fabrice / France
🎵Olivieri Marco / Italy
🎵Rodriguez Ortega Francisco Javier / Mexico
🎵Russo Elisabetta / Italy
🎵Serafin Oliwia / Poland
🎵Taki Omar / Morocco
🎵Tsalkalamanidze Tamar & Basilashvili Giorgi / Georgia
🎵Wasiłowicz Szymon / Poland
🎵Wilnrotter Henrich & Norbert / Slovakia
🎵Wijngaarde Rivolino Jesse Anwar / Nedherlands
🎵Verzeletti Irene / Italy

See you in Krakow!


Official registration to 3rd edition is over!

Dear Sirs,
we have pleasure to announce list of countries, which reported their participants to 3rd Lions World Song Festival for the Blind "Sounds from the Heart"!
We received official applications from:

🎤 Belgium
🎤 Czech Republic
🎤 France
🎤 Gambia
🎤 Georgia
🎤 Iceland
🎤 Italy
🎤 Netherlands
🎤 Mexico
🎤 Morocco
🎤 Poland
🎤 Romania
🎤 Slovakia


Official list of vocalists qualified to Festival, who will perform at concerts in Krakow, will be published till 31 July.

New dates of Festival!

Dear Ladies and Gentelmans,
because of conditions beyond of Organizing Committee control, we have to change date of Festiwal.
New date of Festival is 2nd - 4th November 2017.
We hope that it won't be a problem and we will meet in Krakow!
Registration deadline with no chnges: 31th May 2017.

Registration date Festival 2017

Ladies and Gentlemen,
the Organizing Committee announced the date of the third edition of the Lions
World Song Festival for the Blind "Sounds from the Heart," which will be held in Kraków on 2nd-4th November 2017.
The deadline for submitting the new songs for the competition is 31
st May 2017.
If you have any questions, please contact us on
or by phone + 48 12 354 59 53
You are most welcome to join the Festival
four Lions Clubs from Krakow

Presentation of CD/DVD - Lions World Sight Day 2014

President of Lions Clubs International, Mr Joe Preston with the members of Organizing Committee
Presentation of CD/DVD albums during Lions World Sight Day, Iceland 14 October 2014